pirmdiena, 2015. gada 9. februāris

How I stay motivated when feeling lazy...

Let's face it  - I'm lazy, and You are lazy! People are lazy :D
But sometimes even I have to turn of Netflix and get some things to be done!
How can I do this? It is not easy, but here are few steps I'm using to manage it:
  • Most of time my laziness is a result of "I have NO idea where to start". But somehow, sometimes I get myself focus on only one thing, so it is easier to feel motivated and get done at least this one thing. Ok, ok it's only one thing, but still - it is better than nothing.
  • usually my everyday starts with MASSIVE to do list. Todays to do list?

Yes it is a lot, but even it is hard to believe - running always helps.
  • As you maybe already know - I'm organizing freak! I don't feel like it is something bad, because if your thoughts are a big mess, planner is the best solution for any problem. at least it is like this to me. When everything is written down in front of me, it is a lot easier to organize my thoughts and to does. For me it is probably the only one way to get all things done, to not forget something important to do. And it is easier for me to stay motivated when I can see how tasks are striked out.
  • I think that the best tip I can share is to find out - What can You change about your routine?
    • Can You change environment?
    • Can You vamp up Your everyday life?
    • Can You start to listen new music while working out?
    • Can You start your working day earlier to have more free time in evening?
  • Keep in mind benefits - You gotta focused to the present! So what? Focus to better present. How?
  • Jump out of bed! Don't waste time. Research tells us that hitting the snooze is not good for us. Your mind will follow the cues your body is giving it. If you are starting morning by doing things right now, not a bit later, it would be easier to keep that course for all day.
  • Set goals. But the most important goal setting rule is to set achievable goals. It is important to remember. by setting these goals you have something to look forward to.

I hope at least one sentence was useful for You :D
Have a nice monday <3

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  1. Love this post:) I'm feeling lazy most of the times:)
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